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by Dylan Odendaal- Perth Soakwells
Published 16th April 2018
Copyright 2018 - Perth Soakwells Pty Ltd

Perth Soakwells Compaction
Installing soakwells helps to prevent harmful flooding to occur on a property. When investing your hard earned money into a new house, you would want to keep that property in a good condition and not have it eroding away due to rainwater flooding because of insufficient stormwater drainage. We highly recommend layered compaction with any installation to ensure the quality of the property. 

After the stormwater tanks have been installed and is buried beneath the ground, the soil is un-compacted which means there are lots air cavities in the soil which cause unwanted problems when landscaping takes place. The un-compacted soil will eventually sink further into the ground and cause any paving or landscaping above to sink too, ultimately causing an unwanted outcome. 

To ensure the best quality installation we always recommend layered compaction. Layered compaction takes a considerable amount of time. As we backfill the stormwater tanks we use water and a plate compactor for approximately 300mm of soil to ensure the best quality compaction.

Flooding causes erosion to soil, this causes the soil to deteriorate, inevitably deforming the soil. Property foundations that are built on soil are at risk of damage due to flooding because of insufficient drainage. Installing soakwells helps to provide sufficient drainage to divert water off your property into the ground, reducing the erosion caused by flooding due to impermeable area.
Perth Soakwells Compaction