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by Dylan Odendaal- Perth Soakwells
Published 21 September 2017
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When installing soakwells Perth it is important that it is done properly from the start. This homeowner of the house in the photos below decided to install storm water drainage pipes by using an installer that cut many corners, installing the pipes too shallow. The homeowner employed us afterwards to resolve the issue, essentially paying for two installation. The pipes were not glued and were exposed to the naked eye.

   How bad soakwell and stormwater installations  end up costing you more

Here Is What We Say

When installing storm water drainage pipes it is important to install them deep enough so they are covered in the ground and not exposed. Leaving the pipe exposed can result in damage to the actual pipe. So how should stormwater pipes be installed?

When Perth Soakwells' teams install storm water drainage pipe, they generally install them with a 1 to 100 gradient. So for every 100 meters of piping there will be a 1 meter difference in height, this creates a slope for the water to travel down and into the soakwells. Stormwater in Perth is generally a gravity fed system which is a non-pressured system. 

The pipes are then pvc cemented creating water tight piping so that no water can escape and prevents surrounding soil from leaking into the pipes. The pvc cement bonds the pipes together by melting them.
exposed storm water pipe not installed properly Picture of long soakwell pipe not done propely and exposed close up picture of storm water pipe not properly installed into the ground Storm water drainage pipe not installed properly into the ground

How Deep Should The Pipes be Installed?

It is important to ensure the pipes are not exposed and do not interfere with future landscaping and paving.
Why do we say this? Leaving the pipes of concrete soakwell system or poly soakwell system exposed will mean exposing it to elemental damage overtime. That’s not all, lets say you were planning on paving that area where the pipe is installed, you cannot pave over an exposed pipe. The pipes should be roughly 10cm-30cm below ground level making sure the pipe is fully covered and in the ground. 


What good is it to try and save $200 doing it yourself or for cheap and running the risk of having to redo the entire installation at a later stage, when you could just go with a reputable company and have a guarantee that the job will be done professionally. 

In the end ' going to cost money and time to fix it. Then there is also the cost of materials to redo it, and what about the cost of delay?

And what about unprofesswional companies who don't use glue on their fittings and piping? We have had to repair several stormwater installations where the homeowner experienced leaks in their garage slab concrete during heavy rainfall. 

Below ground regarding stormwater, we at Perth Soakwells can assist with repairing damaged stormwater pipes.

Its easy to see that its going to be a very expensive process if its not done properly the first time. 
When installing soakwells its best not to take the cheapest route, after all you do get what you pay for.

If you require soakwells Perth from a professional company, visit Perth soakwells at: