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10 Year Guarantee
A Soakwell Recommended For Most Non Traffic Areas.
Clears unwanted water in sandy soil fast
Designed to withstand ground pressure, knock out centre or bottom inlet / outlet for controlled flow
Drainage slots designed to provide maximum water flow to surrounding soil, superior to concrete.
Dimensions: 620mm x 280mm x 625mm Capacity: 150L
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Stops sand from entering Soak Well
No need to backfill with blue metal
Designed for non-traffic areas
Prevents sand from leaching into the RELN Soakwell
Non-bio degradeable (does not deteriorate)
Hi-flow microstructure
Tough, durable, lightweight plastic moulding.
Prevents unwanted water flooding garage and patio areas.Joiners allow the construction of lengthy channels.
Connects the system to standard 90mm stormwater pipes.
Channels and Grates can support a range of vehicles.
RELN Garage Drain
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The Rapid Flow Soakwell, part of Reln's surface water drainage range, now features a new strong but light plastic lid, which replaces conventional concrete slab covers weighing 30kg or more, adding to the safety and OHS value for plumbers, builders and installers.
The custom-moulded lid, manufactured in high strength reinforced polymer, is far easier for tradesmen to install and transport, says Reln Managing Director Nigel Nattrass, whose companys products have won national environmental and design awards and are used by more than 350 local authorities throughout Australia.
“Instead of struggling to position concrete blocks that exceed OHS guidelines for one person, the new lid clicks securely into position without any heavy work,” he says.
The system, which includes the Soakwell Base and Sock, is engineered to the same award winning standards as Relns Storm Drain System.
The Soakwell Rapid Flow incorporates a strong corrugated beehive shape, is designed to withstand ground pressure and has angled drainage slots to provide maximum water flow to surrounding soil and to prevent soil entering the Soakwell Base. The system also features a geo-textile sock enclosing the lid and base to prevent sand entry and clogging.
Combined features include:
A complete improved system
The Reln Soakwell Rapid Flow is a complete and improved solution for the collection and dispersal of surface and storm water. It is easy and effective to install for non-traffic areas. People no longer have to haul heavy tonnes of blue-metal to backfill their hole - now replaced with a geo-textile sock.
Tough, durable and better for the environment
All components are tough, durable, and designed and tested to be fit for purpose. Recycled, high-grade plastic is used to ensure to ensure a lesser impact on the environment.
The corrugated design of the base, protected by the wells geotextile sock, is designed for optimum inflow and outflow for collection of water and subsequent irrigation of the surrounding area. Reln Soakwell Rapid Flow products are available from major plumbing and hardware dealers nationally.
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