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by Dylan Odendaal- Perth Soakwells
Published 28 November 2017
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DIY Soakwells VS Perth Soakwells
Soakwells Perth
Soakwells are storm water drainage tanks that serve as a storage unit for stormwater that rains onto your property. The water that rains onto your property is guided into stormwater drainage points on your roof called downpipes and that water is then led into the soakwells where the water will drain into the sand and out of the tank. 

Do It Yourself
Installing your own soakwells can be cheaper than paying for a professional to do it, although installing soakwells yourself is riskier than having a professional install them which may inadvertently and unexpectedly lead to higher costs for redoing the job again, once landscaping/paving/concrete have been done.

Perth Soakwells is the professional choice for Perth home owner. Perth Soakwells has been in the construction industry for over 40 years and have specialised in soakwells for 15 years. 

Installing soakwells must be done properly:if soakwells are poorly installed, the consequences may be costly.

The Risk
May factors must be considered when installing soakwells like having adequate soakwell capacity, making sure that the soil type of the property is compatible with the soakwells and ensuring that the piping system allows sufficient flow. Perth Soakwells has extensive experience with sandy, clay and rocky properties. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

If the soil on a property has a high clay content, then soakwells would not be recommended as clay is largely impermeable and does not allow soakwells to effectively serve their purpose.

Correct installation of the soakwells & piping is required for the stormwater drainage system to work effectively on your property to ensure that flooding and water damage is prevented.

Perth Soakwells ensure that your drainage system matches your property type. We ensure that the drainage system is sound, functional and appropriate for your soakwell needs. All our soakwells are wrapped in geo fabric to prevent any soil from leaching into the soakwells, which prevents the leaching of sand into the soakwell, while the water is allowed to exit. 

Call us today to discuss your soakwell needs. We are here to help you have peace of mind.

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