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Polypropylene Soakwells Perth
Polypropylene Soakwells Perth | Our Elite polypropylene soakwells Perth are the light weight stormwater solution for stormwater drainage Perth. Effective in Perth's sandy soil, more efficient than concrete soakwells and configurable up to 32 tonnes traffic capacity. Buy Polypropylene Soakwells Perth.
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Concrete Soakwells Perth
Premium Concrete Soakwells
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Concrete Soakwell Lids / Covers
Premium Concrete Covers to Suit Soakwell Bodies
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Grated Concrete Soakwell Lids
Concrete lids with galvanised grates to suit soakwells. Grates can be flush, raised 30mm or raised 100mm. Fully trafficable up to 8 tonnes
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Concrete Soakwell Strip Footing Bases
Concrete Soakwell Strip footing bases are design to allow drainage through the bottom of the soakwell, while preventing even the slightest movements from overhead traffic or compaction.
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Concrete Soakwell Bases
Prevents soakwell movement while preventing the ability to drain vertically through the bottom of the soakwell. Ideally suited to soakwells Perth in clay areas.
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Geo Fabric / Geo Textile Soakwell Wrap
Geo Fabric - Geo Textile for wrapping around soakwells and stormwater tanks. Prevents soil entry and will not deteriorate over time.
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PVC - Rapid Flow Soakwell
CLEARANCE- Cheaper than Bunnings - CLEARANCE
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Perth Stormwater PVC Piping | Iplex
Stormwater Perth | Premium Heavy Duty PVC stormwater piping. Bulk purchase only. The essential stormwater Perth accessory and material.
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Buy Polypropylene Soakwells and buy Concrete Soakwells. Perth Soakwells [TM] is the leading supplier and online shop where you can buy soakwells and purchase soakwells related products. Find below our range of polypropylene, pvc and concrete soakwells. Our geofabrics and geotextiles soakwell wraps are industry standard and offered at wholesale prices.