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Soakwells For New Homes

Perth Soakwells proudly install soakwells to new homes in Perth, WA, for Perth  home owners. We have also installed for builders such as Ventura Home Group, Scott Park Homes, Plunkett Homes, Aussie Living Homes, Atrium Homes, Content Living and many other respected builders.

We install small soakwells, big soakwells , concrete soakwells and polypropylene soakwells with anti-leach mechanisms such as geofabric and anti-flowback systems such as open grate systems throughout Perth, Western Australia.

As a proud Perth soakwell installation and stormwater installation company we refuse to us use low grade, cheaper soakwells and products to simply to save costs. We guarantee our work, therefor we ensure to use only the best in premium concrete soakwells and polypropylene soakwells available in Perth.

We work closely with Perth engineers to ensure our installations are of the highest quality.

We are the original and superior modern stormwater and soakwell specialists for Perth, Western Australia.

We are the trusted and referred soakwell installer for Perth by builders and owners.
We are familiar with clay sand in Perth, sandy soil in Perth,and rocky soil - we've provided drainage in all soil types.

We take pride in our installations and always value our clients, before soakwell installations and after soakwell installations.



Soakwells Perth: Importance of Soakwells


Before the construction of a new house the builder or homeowner should give special consideration to the stormwater runoff which will result from the roof and impermeable area of a new construction. 

Prior to construction on a brand new property, rainwater would have soaked into the ground and subsequently disperse. However, after construction, rainwater will land on surfaces such as a roof, paving or driveways and gather above ground, having nowhere to flow to. 

Any area, which is able to absorb water, will essentially be absorbing a significantly higher amount, leading to flooding, soil erosion and undermining of foundations.

Legislation on Soakwells

The legislation in Perth, Western Australia states that all stormwater, which lands on a property, is to be retained on the same property. This essentially means that water from a property may not flow onto public, neighbouring or other properties.

Soakwells: Retaining Water on site

There are a number of ways a Perth property owner can retain water on site.

The traditional, tried and tested method, which is most commonly used, would be soakwells. When installed by Perth Soakwells, we ensure that your rainfall will lead to a soakwell system which would then aid the dispersion of water from your property. 

The exact volume required or recommended differ between councils and shires which are responsible for various areas. 

The stormwater requirements will be determined by the size of the building, zoning of your property, residential density, council stormwater capacity, soil type and various other factors.

Be Informed: False Information about Soakwells

There is a large amount of false information which surrounds the topic of soakwells.

1. First untrue statement -“It is law to have soakwells” 

This is untrue as various other stormwater systems exist that retain water on site, such as rainwater tanks. Additionally while some councils do recommend soakwells, some councils have no recommendation regarding soakwells such as the City of Joondalup regarding residential properties. However, if a stormwater drainage system is not installed, it becomes more difficult to defend your home against flooding, soil erosion and rain damage. It also becomes more challenging to prevent your water from flowing into neighbouring properties. Essentially we still recommend soakwells in most soil types, however, it is best to consult your specific property and building plans as well as your council recommendations to determine your appropriate stormwater drainage system.

2. Second untrue statement - “One soakwell per downpipe is inadequate” 

This statement is false and uneducated. If your property does not require a drainage system, then any additional stormwater implementation would be beneficial, regardless of size, volume or material. Additionally, the adequacy of one soakwell per downpipe can only be determined by the size of the soakwell, the soil type and amount of water expected to be flowing down the particular downpipe. A general rule of thumb is that a single 175 litre soakwell services an estimated 17sqm of impermeable area in sandy soil.

3. Third untrue statement “PVC soakwells are inadequate” 

This statement is untrue as our own premium polypropylene soakwells drain 40% more efficiently than a concrete soakwell of the same size. Most councils do not specify materials, only volumes.

Beware of uninformed installers who attempt scare tactics on the trusting client.
Perth Soakwells has your property and its drainage as its priority.

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