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Stormwater Installation Perth Concrete soakwell for stormwater drainage A polypropylene soakwell for  Stormwater Installation Perth

Stormwater Installations Perth

Stormwater Installations Perth is the best choice for your stormwater Perth Drainage.
We are Perth's highest rated, most trusted stormwater installation company.
We have been involved in Perth stormwater installations for over a decade.  If you require a stormwater installer, there is simply no better option that to give us a call. We will provide expert stormwater installation advice and stormwater installation options.  Perth has a multitude of different soil types and almost more requirements from the collection of local councils. We provide the best advice with regard to stormwater installations and can at the very least, point you in the right direction.  If you are looking for the best options for your next stormwater installation project, give us a call on 0411959521 or email us at

Stormwater Installations Perth, Western Australia

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A Stormwater Installation, Perth , Western Australia

Stormwater Installation compaction and backfill Stormwater Installation Perth concrete soakwell Stormwater Installation Perth excavated with stormwater tank Stormwater Drainage tanks or Soakwells 1800x1800 Concrete soakwell on site in perth, Western Australia Soakwell installation Stormwater Installation Perth completed Soakwell wrapped in geo fabric

Stormwater Installation Perth, Western Australia

The Stormwater Installation in a carpark with concrete soakwells

Stormwater installation starting with stormwater soakwells delivered to site. This site form part of a larger bitumen carpark in West Leederville, Perth, Western Australia. Over time the stormwater runoff has eroded the bitumen and asphalt away. This is due to insufficient stormwater drainage. The above soakwell is an 1800x1800 soakwell which holds 4580 litres of stormwater!

As you can see above, the stormwater installation will be using an 1800x1800 which is divided into two parts. Because we only use Premium Watercorp approved stormwater drainage tanks, the tanks are designed to slot into each other which prevents any future movement. Notice also how each stormwater drainage tank has vents or slots in the walls. This allows for additional horizontal drainage. Not nearly as efficient as the polypopylene soakwells, but a great product for a carpark. Especially when a grated stormwater lid is being used.

Stormwater Installation Perth 

Hole is dug with an excavator and stormwater tank is installed

The next part of our stormwater installation in this Perth carpark required us to break through the bitumen and then start excavating. The large 6 tonne excavator is perfectly suited for this size stormwater installation and easily dug through the West Leederville soil which appeared to be loamy and thankfully quite soft. The bottom of the excavation has to be perfectly level since we will be having an exposed stormwater lid which will be visible to the eye. The stormwater drainage tank was then lowered into the hole and softly placed down, ensuring not to touch the sides of the stormwater excavation in case it caves. In that event the process would be delayed and add an extra 30 minutes onto the stormwater installation. 

Once the bottom soakwell was installed it was wrapped in geofabric wrap which prevents soil from entering the system. You can purchase this from our DIY Soakwell Shop. Afterwards the top half of the stormwater lid is lowered down and neatly slotted into the bottom of the soakwell. The entire system is then wrapped again in the geofabric stormwater material. Ofcourse it would be worth mentioning that the hole had been measure in depth in relation to what the client had requested. When the tanks are lowered they are automatically at the correct heights. We double check the stormwater drainage system's height just in case there is some human error.

Stormwater Installation Perth 

Stormwater Installation Completed

Once the stormwater grate is placed ontop of the stormwater tank, the fabric is wrapped over the lid and the backfilling of the soil begins.With each layer we backfill, we ensure to compact it back in. We finally plate compact above the stormwater drainage tank and tidy up.

If you require a stormwater installation Perth, call us on 0411959521 or email us at