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Polypropylene Soakwells being installed.jpg Polypropylene Soakwell Installation - large installation
Concrete Soakwells Perth,
Western Australia
Polypropylene soakwells Perth are a viable stormwater drainage solution in Western Australia. Various shires in Perth require different capacities of soakwells and drainage , therefore an in depth knowledge of soil types, and local shire requirements are at your disposal when you contract Perth Soakwells for your polypropylene soakwell needs. We install polypropylene soakwells from Yanchep, Alkimos, Butler, Banksia Grove, Dayton, Perth, Harrisdale, Piara Waters, Wandi, Wellard, Baldivis to Mandurah. Suburbs with sandy sites are well suited to polypropylene soakwells and the efficiency they provide.
Concrete Soakwells Perth,
Western Australia
Concrete Soakwells Perth,
Western Australia

Polypropylene Soakwells Perth

ELITE Polypropylene Soakwells Perth

Polypropylene Soakwell
Our Elite[tm] Polypropylene soakwells offer a range of benefits:
  • Full Traffic Capacity 32 tonnes [optional]
  • 50% Quicker Flow in sandy sites*
  • Configurable for difficult access areas
  • Same lifetime as concrete soakwells
  • Technologically advanced design
  • Extreme[tm] grade geofabric wrapped
Polypropylene Soakwells Perth, Western Australia

Polypropylene Soakwells meet Nature.

Polypropyelene Soakwells Perth [TM] offers cutting edge polypropylene soakwells which are more configurable, yet just as durable and trafficable as their concrete counterpart.

Polypropylene soakwell installation
Polypropylene soakwells Perth  have been used in the construction industry for stormwater
drainage for the last two decades. Polypropylene soakwells are strong, reliable and can be
customized to vary in size and volume throughout Perth. Polypropylene soakwells
are installed by Perth Soakwells for various applications, including residential soakwells,
commercial soakwells and industrial soakwells.
Polypropylene soakwells | Perth Soakwells
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Buy Polypropylene Soakwells Perth
Published: 23rd September 2015
Author: Perth Soakwells
twitter: @perthsoakwells


PERTH SOAKWELLS is the leader in soakwells and stormwater products. 
We are constantly improving our soakwell designs and pass those benefits onto our clients for soakwell and stormwater projects.

Our Elite Polypropylene soakwell system  has been designed by specialists in stormwater management and are used throughout Perth in stormwater and soakwell projects. The stormwater Perth directed into our polypropylene soakwells & tanks is slowly drained into the surrounding soil and released at a slower rate to the local stormwater water table. Our elite Polypropylene systems retain the condition of permeable surfaces, meaning zero erosion. Polypropylene soakwells are a cost effective stormwater solution which allows environmentally friendly function for the span of the soakwell system's lifetime.

Polypropylene Soakwells: Stormwater Tanks with a difference

Over time Perth's  stormwater drainage systems are being tested to capacity by the increased run-off that is generated by increased urban densities and urban sprawl. Statistically, 16% of rainwater or stormwater that land on natural permeable surfaces will end up in the natural water table, but almost 84% of stormwater that falls on the impermeable surfaces of hour roofs and paved area finds its way into the local storm drain system. This statistic indicates that over time the amount of water draining into the natural water table is rapidly diminishing.

The impervious area of our sprawling suburbs are increasing year by year.  Our reinforced poly soakwells helps to preserve the natural drainage system of our Western Australian suburbs. The polypropylene material is non-toxic to the environment and water passing through our polypropylene soakwells remains uncontaminated.

Our Polypropylene Soakwells provide numerous benefits over other soakwell brands:
  • Australian Owned and Manufactured Soakwells - We have consistent stock, minimal lead time for deliveries and excellent after sales support for your poly soakwell advice
  • Temporary stormwater storage benefit -Our soakwells prevents flooding by directing stormwater underground.
  • Polypropylene Soakwell Panel design - Easier transport with effective use of space
  • Lightweight Soakwells - Our poly tanks are easier to handle without the use of excavators or cranes.
  • Custom Cutouts - Our polypropylene soakwells are designed to allow insertion of stormwater pipe anywhere you require. The profile of the soakwell panels allows for extreme strength regardless of the insertion point.
  • DWV and stormwater compatible - Our Elite [tm] Polypropylene soakwells allow for 90mm stormwater, 100mm storm and 150mm DWV piping to be inserted.
  • Trafficable - Our soakwells are trafficable which means that the same benefits of concrete soakwells are passed onto you project without the associated cost of concrete soakwells.
  • Our polypropylene soakwells are modular - This means the soakwells can be locked vertically or grouped together for projects that require larger volumes. We often install large groups of our polypropylene soakwells to achieve council required capacities for residential soakwells and stormwater.
  • 100% recycled Polypropylene  - Our soakwell tanks are environmentally friendly. We encourage the sustainable use of materials to ensure a minimal impact on the environment.
  • UV Stabilised polypropylene soakwells: The soakwell life is as long as concrete soakwells when installed underground.
  • Extreme Strength: Our poly soakwells are designed for load bearing. Our tests show that the type of polypropylene we use allows for enough flexibility to retain structure. Our soakwells can withstand trucks or bobcat loads if covered by 500mm of dirt overhead.

Polypropylene Soakwells

Sub soil drainage system

Poly soakwells can also be used as sub soil drainage system to divert water away from dwellings. In this instance, the polypropylene soakwell system won't be connected to soakwells, but rather be capture point for stormwater to be diverted to another point. This avoids moisture in the walls of homes and structures.

Polypropylene Soakwells

Introduction To Polypropylene Soakwells 

Over the past three decades, polypropylene soakwells and polypropylene stormwater drainage tanks have gained broader praise for uses where corrosive materials would fail. Polypropylene in general has excellent performance in in corrosive applications where previously rubber or coated materials had been used. Interestingly, polypropylene has also been the preferred material to replace tanks on marine vessels which had traditionally been fabricated from niche materials such as stainless steel. Polypropylene offers the benefit of reduced original cost and long term cost savings benefits over the life of the equipment. The same benefits are transferred to stormwater drainage systems consisting of polypropylene soakwells. 

Characteristics Of Polypropylene Soakwells 

Polypropylene soakwells have several advantages over traditional materials previously used: Table Describing Benefits of Polypropylene Soakwells Polypropylene soakwells have a high resistance to chemicals and corrosion Polypropylene soakwells are easily manufactured, formed and cut Polypropylene soakwells are light wight and rigid Polypropylene soakwells are easy to maintain and clean Polypropylene soakwells have a high tensile strength Polypropylene soakwells have excellent thermal insulating properties Polypropylene soakwells have excellent abrasion resistance. Polypropylene soakwells display excellent dielectric properties Polypropylene soakwells have very low moisture absortion Polypropylene soakwells have a documented and recorded long life span

Benefits of Polypropylene Soakwells Perth

A polypropylene soakwell Perth provides superior stormwater drainage qualities. It is made by far and large by the most versatile and cost effective plastic in comparison to other materials. It has great impact strength, fantastic surface hardness, dimensional stability which keep its rigid form and excellent abrasion resistance. Specifically, our Elite Polypropylene Soakwell is resistant to a wide variety of acids, alkalis and solvent solutions with a temperature range up to 93.3 degrees celsius. Our polypropylene soakwells are manufactured in Copolymer due to the high impact qualities which are required in traffic areas such as driveway and roadways. It is also common for bobcat services to clear land over soakwells in Western Australia, therefore the high impact strength of the Elite Polypropylene Soakwells enable it to bear industrial traffic. Perth Soakwells TM polypropylene soakwells are issued with black colour pigment which have better UV qualities. The EliteTM Polypropylene soakwell consists of a homogeneous polypropylene material exhibiting the same corrosion resistance throughout which eliminates the need for additional maintenance. Handling the polypropylene soakwells, soakwell installations and relocation of polypropylene soakwells are easier because polypropylene is lighter than most other materials used in fabrication. The light weight benefit of polypropylene soakwells allows for cost effective soakwell installations while exhibiting the traffic capacity of heavy duty concrete soakwells when installed according to specification. Our clients throughout Perth, Western Australia unanimously agree that the polypropylene soakwell options provided by Perth SoakwellsTM reduces installation and maintenance cost. 

Polypropylene Soakwells Benefits

Polypropylene Soakwells Benefits • Polypropylene Soakwells made from Environmentally selected Recycled Polypropylene • Polypropylene Soakwells allow Stormwater Management onsite • Polypropylene Stormwater tanks Recharge Groundwater Table via Filtration and Dispersion • Reduces the effect of downstream flooding • Polypropylene Soakwells are configurable with allowing intelligent site space usage • Allows for minimum site disruption, with above ground available for alternate use • Soakwells that are Economical • Polypropylene soakwells are a Modular structure providing design flexibility • Elite Polypropylene Soakwells are rate for Heavy Duty load carrying capacity 40t/sqm • Assembled on site by our Professional Perth SoakwellsTM installation team • DIY soakwell option provided in panel kit form for easy transport • Our Elite Polypropylene soakwells sport a huge 95% High void surface ratio • Quickest infiltration level of all polypropylene soakwells • Light Weight soakwells, durable, long life 

Polypropylene Soakwells Information 

The EliteTM Polypropylene soakwell is designed for subsoil infiltration and dispersion of stormwater runoff from house roofing, driveways, landscaping, turf, carparks and swimming pool backwash. Using recycled polypropylene, our polypropylene soakwells are designed and engineered to be lightweight, structurally sound and rated for heavy duty traffic. Exception stormwater drainage performance can be obtained from subsurface drainage in most Perth soils. In many applications, polypropylene soakwells are far superior to traditional concrete soak well systems. The Elite TM polypropylene soakwell provides a void space ratio of 95% compared to other systems that have void space ratios as low as 30%. The Elite TM polypropylene soakwell provides a small footprint and higher stormwater drainage flow rate, which significantly reduces the amount of soakwell excavation required, soil removal, and associated earthworks. Polypropylene soakwells arrive on site in panel packs, being economical and easier to transport than concrete soakwells which usually require excavators and hair deliveries. Polypropylene soakwells provide the benefit of being lightweight allowing saying of machinery costs and assembly in otherwise hard to access areas such as established homes with narrow boundary access.

Polypropylene Soakwells for Stormwater Drainage

Stormwater Drainage Polypropylene soakwells are an extremely efficient stormwater installation option which manages storm water runoff in both sandy and sen-sandy soils. Surface stormwater is usually intercepted by drainage grills and stormwater points. These drainage points are connected by networks of stormwater pipes which then direct the water toward the polypropylene soakwell system. The polypropylene soakwell, through contact with surrounding permeable soil, discharges the stormwater back into the underground water ways. All polypropylene soakwells are installed with permeable geotextile material or geofabric wrap. 

Modular Polypropylene Soakwells 

Polypropylene soakwells are modular in design which allows them to be configurable in layout as well as allowing the soakwells to be stacked vertically while remaining suited to both nontraffic and heavy duty traffic areas, with safety being paramount. Because polypropylene soakwells are modular it allows us at Perth Soakwells to design and install any size or shape underground stormwater drainage system without disruption if underground services such as power, water, sewer to gas. Modular soakwells also allow us to access areas only open to foot traffic and assemble large stormwater drainage systems and soakwells which would otherwise be impossible to implement. 

Polypropylene Stormwater Quality 

Polypropylene soakwells are installed subsurface or below ground which avoids direct sunlight. Based on the soil filtration and bioremediation principles, the soakwells allow stormwater of far superior quality to be dispersed into the underground water table. 

Polypropylene Soakwell Safety 

Soakwells are installed underground which assists in minimising contact with pedestrians and general human interaction. Because the stormwater drainage system is underground, safety and health risks to the public are minimised

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Polypropylene Soakwells Perth
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